Plast-ax Quality Plastic Containment bins

All bin specifications include;

Tough Polyethylene Plastic. Composite materials include fibreglass and Galv steel, Strong twin skin box section top rim, Nestable & Stackable, FDA food Approval, UV guarantee.

Plast-ax Plastic Manufacturing

Recognized as one of the top manufacturing companies in New Zealand, Plast-ax offers customized moulding services to fit customer requirements. Plast-ax Rotational Moulders manufacturing plant is based is Wanganui, NZ.

Moulded Plastic Products

Offal & hide bins, bulk bins, box pallets, waste bins, food processing and industrial pallet bins, drums, meat tubs and dixie trays, tote boxes,  IBC and drum bunds & spill pallets, play equipment, slimline water tanks and other customer related specialty products. 

Plastic FEL Waste Bins, Box Pallet bins, Storage Containers

NEW! Plast-ax 1.5m3 Front End Load Bin with Lids + Castors - Only $945 + GST.

                  Plast-ax All Plastic Front End Load 1.5m3 for Waste & Recycling


Plastic FEL Mini Skip 1.5 Cube Enviro Waste & Recycling


 Plast-ax 1.5m3 & 2 cube front load waste bins

Front Load & Hiab waste bins                                  1.5m3 & 2 cube

Front Load & Hiab Hook BINS, heavy PLASTIC & fiberglass construction for enviro-mental waste management and recycling of Garden & green waste rubbish disposal.    see full specifications   

Industrial box pallet bin 1400 x 1150 x 875 Plast-ax

Industrial Box Pallet Bin - 1250L

Stackable Pallet Bin - Heavy duty plastic, for industrial and processing use, bin design includes load bearing box section top rim. see full specifications »

Plast-ax Pallet box 1200 x 1000 - 750L

Box Pallet Bin - 1200 x 1000 - 750L

These Pallet box bins are Inter-stackable with Dolav, used as meat bins, fish bins, picking bins, vege & fruit bins, edible & inedible pet food processing bins, pelts, hides & bi product bins, industrial & medical waste bins, liquard & dry goods storage containers. see full specifications »

Nesting Pallet Bin - 750L

750L capacity Nestable & Stackable, Tough UV & FDA Approved Plastic  see full specifications » 


Plastic Trolley Bin 1000L

Plastic 1000L Trolley bin, stackable with castors used in laundry processing and storage.                          see full specifications »

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